DAX is #1 most added on Billboard!
November 11, 2019

DAX is #1 most added on the Billboard Chart with “Love Changes You!” Congratulations!
JEFF RYAN HITS # 1 with "Up and Up!"
June 17, 2018

Jeff Ryan recently hit # 1 on the Smooth Jazz Network Chart as well as # 1 on the official British Jazz Chart!
May 7, 2017

Paul Brown advanced to the top spot on the Billboard Chart this week with "HUSH," the 2nd single off his "One Way Back" album. His first single, "Put It Where You Want It" also hit # 1 on Billboard!
November 7, 2016

Guitarist Marc Antoine recently scored the # 1 spot on the Smooth Jazz Billboard Chart for two consecutive weeks with his smash hit, "Laguna Beach," the title track from his new album released in September 2016.
May 17, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that the immensely talented Darren Rahn has earned the Billboard # 1 position this week with "D-Luxe" from his Sonic Boom album on Woodward Avenue Records! What a great result for a truly amazing artist, producer and human being. No one has ever been more deserving!

Darren Rahn
May 10, 2016

We are excited to announce the June 17th release of "Global Warming" from JACK MAGNET.

Driven by a warm, sophisticated approach to old school soul-jazz but with fresh, contemporary grooves and melodic invention, Global Warming, veteran composer and keyboardist Jack Magnets Woodward Avenue Records debut, is the urban jazz communitys powerful introduction to one of Icelands foremost musical icons and the most renowned Fender Rhodes players in the High North. Beyond the cool grooves, infectious melodies and fresh musicianship, the 10-track collection also marks an exciting creative reunion of longtime musical friends Jakob Magnusson (Magnets real name) and fellow Woodward Avenue artist Paul Brown.
Woodward Avenue Records Signs Jeff Taboloff
March 7, 2016

Woodward Avenue Records is excited to announce that we have signed saxophonist Jeff Taboloff to the label for his debut album, which is being entirely produced by Nate Harasim in Detroit. Jeff is one of those rare talents that comes around maybe once every 10 years, and we expect that he will become a force in the world of contemporary jazz.....and more!
DEON YATES takes the charts to school!
November 10, 2015

Deon Yates scores a # 1 most added on both the Billboard and Smoothjazz.com charts with "Motor City Strut" from his "School Of Funk" album on Woodward Avenue Records.

Deon Yates
Woodward Avenue Records Artists Score Big On The Charts!
July 10, 2015

Woodward Avenue Records is thrilled to have 3 singles on the Billboard Top 30 Chart this week! Paul Brown continues to climb.....up to # 13 with "Stay Sly" featuring Euge Groove, DW3 is at # 21 with "Let The Music" featuring Brian Culbertson and Nate Harasim zoomed up to # 27 with ‪#HarmonyPark‬! Very proud and grateful for our wonderful artists, and even prouder of the great people they are!
Nate Harasim - #ShadesOfNate
June 7, 2015

Nate Harasim, #ShadesofNate

Nate Harasims diverse musical career has found him producing #1 airplay hits and contributing to Grammy nominated projects for major artists but thats just the start of the magic he can create behind the boards. Operating his thriving Michigan studio Harasim Soundesign, he works with artists in a multitude of genres classical, hip-hop, contemporary jazz, house, R&B, etc.- and helps artists find their individual voices. Ever the adventurer both in the studio and in his personal life, Harasim is in full glorious, freewheeling mode on #ShadesofNate, a generous 15 track collection (with three cool remixes) that celebrates and immerses itself in dynamic musical diversity. Fans of Harasims previous radio hits like Different Kind of Love and Westbound will find enough in the pocket, funky urban jazz gems to latch their heart and tapping feet to, but those are just the springboard for a set that boldly includes gritty rap/hip-hop, a wild twist on Beethoven and a unique spin on Phil Collins In The Air Tonight which speeds the tempo just slightly and features a glorious lead vocal by his new labelmate Melina. While hes capable of being a virtual one man band, Harasim enjoys vibing with a mix of urban jazz greats (Nils, Dave Koz, Darren Rahn), genre up and comers (Elan Trotman, Vandell Andrew) and some lesser known artists from his home state of Michigan (most prominently, rapper K-Squeeze and saxman Dr. Keith Newton). Listening to this masterpiece of musical adventure, in all its eclectic craziness, fun and melodic and rhythmic glory, its clear that Harasim is an artist in every sense of the world, forging an original identity via an unconventional but bright and visionary path that shows us more musical possibilities than anyone who fits into the urban jazz category has ever imagined before. Jonathan Widran

Get the record
Nate Harasim #1 Most Added Billboard Single x2
June 7, 2015

The new single #HarmonyPark featuring Dave Koz and Nils is the #1 most added single in the world 2 weeks and running...

Buy the record
August 29, 2014

MELINA - Wishing On Love

When emerging soul/jazz singer Melina talks about the good fortune that took her from being a gigging vocalist in her hometown of San Antonio to a national recording artist with her highly anticipated debut album Wishing On Love, shell say things like Honestly, all this is a dream come true! Or I think Im kind of in a daze! And then, showing her refreshing sense of gratitude and humility, Its hard to say what I am expecting because I never expected any of this.
But the truth is, from the minute we hear her pure, soulful tones -- with simple piano accompaniment -- on the opening track and first single Maybe Not Today, its the listener who gratefully enters the cool and often surreal musical dreamscape created by her and guitarist/producer Paul Brown. Were the ones dazed and dazzled by this naturally gifted musical storytellers ability to tap into the joys, challenges and raw emotions of her own life, which allows her to take us on this initial journey. Its an adventure that reminds us - in an often hard world where good news is increasingly harder to come by that if today doesnt bring that love and joy, we just need to wait for tomorrow.
On a collection of songs balancing strength with vulnerability, and where wide eyed hope is offset by the reality of longing and patience, Melinas unbridled optimism is the thread that connects most of these songs, from Maybe Not Today to the simmering urban romance Stay With Me Tonight and the infectious, anthem-like ballad Wishing On Love. But Melina also lets us feel just enough pain to keep things grounded particularly on tracks like the troubled relationship chronicle Halfway Gone and a gentle, longing version of Superstar, modeled more after Luther Vandross than The Carpenters version, which brings out the classic songs true haunting nature.
A devoted wife and mother of five year old girl twins, Melina shares intimate connections to her family, tapping into a little of her church and gospel background to declare eternal devotion on I Will Be Loving You and expressing a love only a mom can know on the beautiful and poetic ballad Walk With You, penned by Browns wife Jacqui. Another lovely original is the classic styled R&B ballad If I Never Told You, which finds Melina harmonizing with Dax Reynosa. Reynosas compelling lyrics throughout Wishing on Love help the singer share her own life story in uplifting yet realistic ways.
Its testament to the straight to the heart songwriting and Melinas transcendent vocal delivery that the songs that bear the most repeated listening are the originals and not the covers. But the three that Melina and Brown chose, and their crisp and cool arrangements, bring out emotions the listener might not have caught in previous versions. Beyond Superstar, Melina does a cool, restrained take on Stevie Nicks always welcome Landslide and creates with the help of arranger and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Carruthers - an organic soul twist on At Last which casts aside the drama for some unexpected late night, dreamy sensuality.
Production-wise, Brown pulls way back (compared to the busier arrangements of his countless smooth jazz hits) and keeps things sparse so that Melinas vocals are where they belong at center stage, telling these glorious tales. Halfway Gone in particular is one of those rare songs, like Adeles Someone Like You and John Legends All of Me, that needs only a voice and subtle piano to break your heart.
For all its multiple shades of awesome, marking the emergence of a genuine, no frills and all emotion vocal talent, Melinas breakthrough Wishing On Love is one of the best albums of 2014
-Jonathan Widran

July 27, 2014

Guitarist and double Grammy winner, Paul Brown, has scored again......as his new single "Take It From Me" was the # 1 most added on both the Billboard and smoothjazz.com charts this week!
Paul Brown - Truth B Told
July 2, 2014

Paul Brown - Truth B Told

With over 60 #1 airplay hits to his credit as an artist and producer, Paul Brown has got the groove down as a hit maker and go to guy that every top artist in the contemporary urban jazz genre relies on for their next smash. But his latest solo album Truth B Told is far from the same old in the pocket thing he does so well.
Its great to see that as an instrumental guitarist, hes expanding his palette in such unpredictable yet honest and organic ways. On these ten eclectic, powerhouse tracks, he seems more interested than ever in challenging himself to dig deeper, play his 1963 Gibson Johnny Smith L-5 electric guitar and on the breezy Avalon Nights, featuring Dave Koz, the nylon string - more expressively and jazzy than ever before, and explore the classic blues inflected soul-jazz vibes that inspired him to play in the first place. Its also a blast to hear him vibing so well with and creating fresh musical challenges for some of his genres top artists Richard Elliot, Euge Groove, Najee, Darren Rahn as well as jam with his hero and friend Larry Carlton and one of his all-time favorite singers, R&B turned jazz artist Wendy Moten.
Brown gets to the jazzy truth of the matter quickly with the joyful daybreak of Sunrise on Sunset, mixing his snappy fluid jazz lines over an easy flowing old school soul-jazz groove complemented in select spots by the rising sizzle of the Greg Adams-led horns. On the slow burning, bluesy Crusadersesque title track, he wrings a deep, intense weeping emotion out of his axe while slowly introducing organ accents (played, ironically enough, by the other Paul Brown), rising horns and the powerful sax lead and harmonies of Darren Rahn. Those seductive Adams horns also infuse the albums bluesy, funky and percussive first single Take It From Me, which Brown composed after seeing Bruno Mars perform on the Super Bowls halftime show and features a bit of the pop stars ultra cool vibe.
Brown had a dream come true not long ago with the opportunity to work with one of his all-time favorite singers, Wendy Moten on her new album Timeless: Wendy Moten Sings Richard Whiting. On the playful and sassy vocal duet Love N Trust, Brown harmonizes and trades lines with Moten, offering advice about love and trust being all you need to get by. Its true soulful funky fun, kind of like what might happen if you brought Boz Scaggs, Aretha Franklin and the late Jerry Garcia into the studio for a late night jam. Brown harkens back to the Crusaders influence once again on the jazzy, Latin influenced romp Casablanca, which mixes a crunchy percussive groove and a whimsical interaction between Browns guitar lines and the dynamic flute playing of R&B/jazz star Najee.
Browns longtime association with Richard Elliot, including on the saxophonists latest album Lip Service, creates a natural chemistry between tenor and guitar on Home Sweet Home, a lush urban jazz ballad that finds the two trading lead and harmony lines. Brown and special guest saxman Euge Groove Stay Sly on a mid tempo blues-funk party that features boisterous happy voices, a slick tradeoff between lead sax and guitar melody lines and a spirited call and response section. The sultry and romantic Till The Mornin Comes is classic Paul Brown, with his crisp and increasingly energetic guitar lines front and center caressed by sweeping synth atmospheres.

The final two tracks of Truth B Told take Brown to wild, unexpected places with Koz and Carlton. Having originally penned Avalon Nights with the acoustic guitar of Marc Antoine and Peter White in mind, Brown decides to switch from electric to nylon string for a breezy and tropical romp with touches of flamenco flair and Kozs charming soprano tenderness. No doubt an edit of Purple Shoes could become a radio friendly hit, but thats not the point of this gloriously raucous free for all guitar jam hosted by Brown and Carlton. The two make sure weve got an infectious, slow burning blues-jazz melody to latch onto, using that as a springboard to trade scorching licks back and forth as long as they like fully capturing the loose, freewheeling funky and jazzy approach of the album in a few minutes time. Truth B Told, after ten years of great solo recordings, Browns finally made his masterpiece.
Jonathan Widran

Phil Perry endorses Wendy Moten and "Timeless"
July 1, 2014

"From the first time I heard Wendy Motens voice I thoughtwow, shes going to be around for a long time. Now, after listening over and over to the Timeless album, her flawless phrasings, and playful interpretations, I love that while she possesses such a power voice, she remains refreshingly true to the timelessness of these standards written by Richard Whiting. Through it all, she generously reveals to us still another lavish Wendy Moten voice, from her vocal arsenal, and its pure jazz. She leaves no doubt as to her ability to go back in time, hit the mark, capturing the era that these timeless standards were written in. In my opinion, Wendy Moten has officially achieved the musical status of classic jazz divas Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn, who Ive also often listened to over and over.

And to Wendy I say, it is a delight to listen to your multi-dimensional and timeless voice over and over."

Phil Perry

May 18, 2014

Woodward Avenue Records are very proud to announce that we have signed the well-known California based band, gDW3,h to the label and look forward to the release of a brand new album in 2014.

DW3, as you may know, stands for gDown With 3.h Those g3 incredible talents are Eric Mondragon, Billy Mondragon and DaMon Reel. DW3 has served as a very special guest band at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA for many years and has been one of the hottest and most in-demand groups anywhere in the country (or on the 7 seas) over the past few years.

Complimented by some of the best musicians on the planet, DW3 is very much poised to hit the big time. gHonestly, wefve been wanting to sign DW3 for a long, long time. We are so happy that we now have the opportunity to enjoy a great partnership and a great future togetherh, said Woodward Avenue President, Mark Nordman.

This L.A. based band has been entertaining for over a decade.

April 19, 2014

Woodward Avenue Records is thrilled to announce that we have signed saxophonist, Darren Rahn, to the label and look forward to an amazing new album and a very successful long term relationship. Darren is one of the most talented musicians and producers on the planet, but more importantly, he is rich in professionalism and character. It is truly an honor to have Darren become a part of our Woodward Avenue Records family and even better to know him as a friend

Darren Rahn
April 12, 2014

We look forward to the release of: "Timeless - Wendy Moten sings Richard Whiting" on May 27, 2014. This amazing album puts Wendy Moten and her fabulous voice back in the spotlight and lines her up for a serious run at a Grammy for best jazz album of the year.

Wendy Moten
Woodward Avenue Records Signs MELINA
February 12, 2014

Woodward Avenue Records is pleased to announce that we have signed singer/ songwriter MELINA to the label. Her debut album will be released this spring and was entirely produced by double Grammy winner, Paul Brown. MELINA has opened for the likes of T-Pain, Twista, Rose Royce and Bryan McKnight. She has a rich and powerful voice that will touch your soul. We are thrilled to have MELINA join our Woodward Avenue Records family.
September 3, 2013

Bart Brandjes is the # 1 most added and # 1 spin increase on the smoothjazz.com charts this week! Go Bart! "On The Beach" from Bart featuring Paul Brown leads the way. #superproud


1 -- BART BRANDJES- Real Life (Woodward Ave.) - [19]
2 -- GREG MANNING- Groove Me (Greg Manning) - [13]
3t -- NATURALLY 7- Hidden in Plain Sight (Hidden Beach) - [11]
3t -- PATRICK YANDALL- Soul Grind (Innervision Records) - [11]
5 -- PIECES OF A DREAM- In the Moment (Shanachie) - [10]
6 -- JAREZ- On Top Of The World (Top Jazz) - [9]
7 -- GROOVEATECH ORCHESTRA- One More Time (Grooveatech) - [7]
8 -- JEFF LORBER FUSION- Hacienda (Heads Up) - [5]
9t -- CHUCK LOEB- Silhouette (Shanachie) - [4]
9t -- NICHOLAS COLE- Endless Possibilities (Cutmore) - [4]

Bart Brandjes
June 25, 2013

Paul Brown is this week's Billboard #1 most added with "From The Ground Up" off "The Funky Joint" album! "From The Ground Up" includes the unmistakable sound of Paul Brown's funky guitar, some smoking sax work from Euge Groove and the great rhythm section of Bob Baldwin, Ricky Lawson and Roberto Vally.

The Funky Joint
June 19, 2013

Woodward Avenue Records is extremely excited to announce that we have signed the great singer, Wendy Moten, for a full album project to be produced this summer by double Grammy winner, Paul Brown. Wendy is one of the best vocalists on this planet and we are very proud to be involved with making and releasing this very special album. More details to be announced soon, but this project is being produced in collaboration with family members of one of the greatest American composers in history and is sure to be uniquely timeless. Completely organic........no boxes......no limits.....no constraints.......no commercial motives.....just great music, written, performed and produced by the best. Our thanks to Ricky Lawson, Tracy Carter, Roberto Vally and all of the other great musicians who will be a part of this project!
Paul Brown Releases "From The Ground Up"
June 13, 2013

Guitarist and Double Grammy winner, Paul Brown, follows up on the phenomenal success of the The Funky Joint and Backstage Pass singles (both of which went to # 1 on Billboard) with perhaps the most enjoyable track on the entire album, From The Ground Up. Although arriving fashionably late to the party, Euge Groove adds his trademark sax to Browns funky guitar as the A-List rhythm section of Bob Baldwin, Ricky Lawson and Roberto Vally keep it real and groovin.

Paul Brown - Guitar

Euge Groove Sax, Bob Baldwin Keys, Roberto Vally bass, Ricky Lawson drums,

Composed by Paul Brown and Bob Baldwin
Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Paul Brown
Executive Producer Mark C. Nordman

Radio Promotion Roger Lifeset, Peer Pressure Promotion

"The Funky Joint" at Amazon
"Sweet Sweet Baby" from Grace Kelly to be released on Valentine's Day
January 23, 2013

Sweet Sweet Baby

A serious and accomplished musician and performer.yet still just 19 years old when she wrote Sweet Sweet Baby, Grace wanted this song to be all about having fun, laughing, celebrating friendships and enjoying time with your own Sweet Sweet Babywhatever or whomever that may be! We hope you can tap, clap, snap or sing along!

Grace Kelly

When it comes to singer/ saxophonist/ composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ educator Grace Kelly, people seem to be divided into two groups: those who marvel at her proficiency, creativity and ever-accelerating growth, and those who have yet to encounter the 20-year-old wunderkind. The ranks of the former category are growing by the day. Wynton Marsalis was so impressed with Kellys three-night stand as guest of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra that he invited her to join the ensemble at the Kennedy Centers Eisenhower Theater in Washington, D.C. for Barack Obamas Inauguration Celebration. Harry Connick, Jr. heard Kelly in a master class on a December afternoon and brought her on stage to sit in with his band that night. Since then, Kelly has been voted "Best Jazz Act in Boston four consecutive years in the FNX/Phoenix Best Music Poll, and then voted Best National Jazz Act in 2012. She has received the ASCAP Foundations Young Jazz Composers Award in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011 and won "Jazz Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards in both 2008 and 2010. The 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Downbeat Critics Poll added to her the list naming her one of the "Alto Saxophone Rising Stars, the youngest artist ever to be named to the music poll.

Grace Kelly
Paul Brown hits # 1 on Billboard with "Backstage Pass"
December 19, 2012

Paul Brown has another #1 as "Backstage Pass" featuring the one and only Bob James topped the final Billboard Chart of 2012! This makes the 2nd Billboard # 1 single from "The Funky Joint" album, with the title track enjoying an extended st...ay atop the charts earlier this summer. Both singles hit the #1 trifecta by capturing the top spot on Billboard, smoothjazz.com Top 50 and the IndieStar charts at the same time. Woodward Avenue Records would like to extend our warmest congratulatoins to Paul and all the great artists who performed on The Funky Joint album.

"The Funky Joint" - store
Woodward Avenue Records signs Grace Kelly
December 19, 2012

Press Release - December 11, 2012

(Gainesville, Florida) Woodward Avenue Records is pleased to announce the signing of saxophonist, vocalist and composer, Grace Kelly for a recording project to be released in early 2013. We are very exc...ited to be associated with such a wonderfully talented and gracious artist. http://www.gracekellymusic.com/

Grace Kelly

When it comes to singer/ saxophonist/ composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ educator Grace Kelly, people seem to be divided into two groups: those who marvel at her proficiency, creativity and ever-accelerating growth, and those who have yet to encounter the 20-year-old wunderkind. The ranks of the former category are growing by the day. Wynton Marsalis was so impressed with Kellys three-night stand as guest of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra that he invited her to join the ensemble at the Kennedy Centers Eisenhower Theater in Washington, D.C. for Barack Obamas Inauguration Celebration. Harry Connick, Jr. heard Kelly in a master class on a December afternoon and brought her on stage to sit in with his band that night. Since then, Kelly has been voted "Best Jazz Act in Boston four consecutive years in the FNX/Phoenix Best Music Poll, and then voted Best National Jazz Act in 2012. She has received the ASCAP Foundations Young Jazz Composers Award in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011 and won "Jazz Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards in both 2008 and 2010. The 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Downbeat Critics Poll added to her the list naming her one of the "Alto Saxophone Rising Stars, the youngest artist ever to be named to the music poll.

Grace Kelly
M&H Productions Welcomes Nate Harasim
September 26, 2012

M&H Productions, LLC is pleased to announce our representation of keyboardist Nate Harasim for worldwide booking.

As a Grammy nominee and BET award recipient for Dave Kozs album, "Hello Tomorrow," Nate knows his way around the studio. Hes developed relationships with major label personnel and has his finger on the pulse of whats hot and whats not. Harasim is himself a signed artist with Trippin N' Rhythm Records. His last album, "Rush," debuted on the Billboard charts at #17 and was the #6 album of 2011 on the SmoothJazz.com chart. Writing and producing with long time friend and fellow artist/producer Darren Rahn, Nate received his first Billboard #1 with Steve Oliver "Fun In The Sun."

As a producer, Harasim prides himself on honesty, integrity and a commitment to getting the job done.....much like he did as a member of the US Navy Special Operations Combat Search and Rescue team he was part of in his late teens and early twenties.
Performing live is what Harasim enjoys the most. With an endorsement from Yamaha and a license to break the keys he never fails to impress the crowd with mind blowing, show stopping, and exciting performances. As the newest member of "The Producers" show, Nate now teams with guitarist Paul Brown and saxophonist Darren Rahn to create one of the most memorable, musical and exciting shows in all of smooth jazz!

Nate Harasim
Woodward Avenue Records Releases "Love Sneakin up on You"
September 18, 2012

Woodward Avenue Records releases "Love Sneakin' up on You" from Nate Najar featuring Sara Wasserman to National Radio. Radio Report Date is 10/1/2012

Love Sneakin up on You

Love Sneakin up on You was initially made famous by Bonnie...Raitt in 1994 as the hit single from her Longing in Their Hearts album. Written by Little Jimmy Scott and Tom Snow, the song helped the album earn two Grammy Awards and the # 1 Billboard ranking for the year.

Guitar hero, Nate Najar has collaborated with vocalist Sara Wasserman (daughter of Grammy winning bassist Rob Wasserman) to bring the soulful and bluesy sound of Love Sneakin up on You to the smooth, yet kickin, side of the street. Artfully produced by Najar and mixed to perfection by Paul Brown, youll be movin and groovin to this feel good track. The engine of the tune is powered by the vibe of three great musicians (Reinhardt, Richardson and Puente) which allow for Wassermans raw and gutsy vocals to blend perfectly with Najars soulful and smooth guitar. This maxi-single features both the vocal version (track 1) and the instrumental version (track 2) to provide maximum flexibility for each market.

Nate Najar Guitars and Bass, Sara Wasserman Lead and Background Vocals
Franklin Third Richardson Drums and Background Vocals, Ron Reinhardt B3 and keyboards, Jay Puente Percussion

Produced by Nate Najar
Executive Producer, Mark C. Nordman
Recorded by Nate Najar and George Harris at Panda Productions, Clearwater, FL
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Brown at Funky Joint Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA
Cool Art and Design by James Silvera

Radio Promotion Roger Lifeset, Peer Pressure Promotion

Woodward Avenue Records Signs Bart Brandjes
July 19, 2012

Woodward Avenue Records is super-excited to announce the signing of Dutch Soul Singer, Bart Brandjes from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A finalist on "The Voice of Holland," Bart has a voice and talent that the world is blessed with very rarely. We are proud to introduce Bart to the American public and look forward to his recording project that will be out to National radio in the late fall of 2012! Blue-eyed soul takes on a whole new meaning! To quote a Grammy winning producer and artist, "You don't hear voices like this........ever!" Bart, welcome to the Woodward Avenue Records family!

Bart Brandjes on Radio 538 - The Netherlands
"The Funky Joint" hits # 1 on Billboard!
May 8, 2012

"The Funky Joint" from Paul Brown became the # 1 song in the land this week, topping the Billboard Chart!. Having already attained the # 1 spot on the smoothjazz.com Top 50 chart as well as the IndieStar chart, Paul Brown scores yet another # 1 in his amazing career.

buy "The Funky Joint" on Amazon
Woodward Avenue Records signs "TIERRA"
April 20, 2012

Woodward Avenue Records is pleased to announce the signing of "Tierra," the famous Latin Soul and R&B band founded by Rudy Salas in East Los Angeles, CA for the special project, "Take You There," to be released early this summer! Take You There is produced by double Grammy winner, Paul Brown.

We are honored to be associated with such terrific artists and musicians, whose passion for great music resonates with such a wide and diverse audience! Ladies and Gentlemen, Tierra is back!
"The Funky Joint" from Paul Brown
February 13, 2012

"The Funky Joint" was the most added single on smooth jazz radio the first week of release! After two weeks, it has already risen to # 25 on the Top 50 Chart and # 10 on the IndieStar Chart! Pre-orders for the album are available at Amazon.com.

Pre-order on Amazon
January 3, 2012

M&H Productions is pleased to announce our representation of guitarist Chris Standring for worldwide booking!

Chris Standring debuted in 1998 with Velvet, and hes been a constant presence on contemporary jazz charts ever since. He followed Velvet with Hip Sway in 2000, Groovalicious in 2003, Soul Express in 2006,
Love & Paragraphs in 2008 and Blue Bolero in 2010. 2011 saw the release of Standrings first holiday album, "Send Me Some Snow."

In addition to his steady spot on the contemporary jazz charts, Standring is also a popular performer with his solo shows and with package tours. In March, hell be performing for the first time at the esteemed Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia. Hell also be on stage in his native England and in his adopted United States, where hes lived in Southern California for 20 years.

Woodward Avenue Records Signs Paul Brown
November 9, 2011

(Gainesville, Florida November 10, 2011) - Woodward Avenue Records is pleased to announce the signing of double Grammy winner and guitarist, Paul Brown, for the recording of Pauls new album entitled The Funky Joint, due to be released on Woodward in early 2012. Paul Brown also serves as producer (of course) on his new album, which includes appearances by Boney James, Euge Groove, Bob James, Bob Baldwin, Marco Basci and The Producers tour-mate, Darren Rahn. This album allows Paul to unleash his musical roots and just let it rip says Mark Nordman, President and CEO of Woodward Avenue Records, while at the same time being true to the sound that has earned him over 50 # 1 Hits.

Paul Brown sets the musical standard by which others are measured. The Funky Joint showcases Pauls incredible guitar playing as well as his signature sound, as both an artist and a producer. We are extremely excited about this album and look forward to its release. Making really great music requires a commonality of vision and purpose between the artists and the label.and we are confident that our association with Paul will be very positive and beneficial to all whom we work with. Woodward Avenue Records is trailblazing a new direction for Jazz, R&B and Soul by fusing music and artists from different genres into a fresh and unique sound..the signature sound of Woodward Avenue Records and the great Paul Brown.

October 26, 2011

The urban jazz and soul group, DW3 (down with three) is set to release the "Christmas Dream" single in November.....just in time for the holidays.

"Christmas Dream" features DW3 (Billy Mondragon, Eric Mondragon and Damon Reel) on vocals with Kyle Wolverton on sax and double Grammy winner Paul Brown on guitar.

Written by Joey Navarro and Kyle Wolverton.
Produced by Joey Navarro.
Mixed by Paul Brown.

Woodward Chart Success
October 19, 2011

"Friday NIght" from Jonathan Fritzen has hit # 1 on the smoothjazz.com and IndieStar Charts and # 2 in Billboard!

"I Think About Amy" from Michael J. Thomas hits # 10 on the IndieStar chart and # 26 on Billboard!

"Midnight Groove" from Nate Najar is the # 1 most added on Billboard the first week of release!
Nate Najar to release "Midnight Groove"
September 30, 2011

Midnight Groove

Here comes guitarist and composer Nate Najar, with the second single from the widely successful Groove Me EP. Midnight Groove is an original Najar tune which continues to define his unique, precise and groovy smooth jazz sound as well as his melodic approach to composition. Midnight Groove is destined to become a smooth and timeless classic.

Nate Najar Guitar, Keyboards and Programming

Tim George Bass, Ron Reinhardt Piano, Franklin Third Richardson Drums
Craig Sharmat Additional Cool Programming stuff

Roger Lifeset Radio Promotion

Midnight Groove on iTunes
"Friday Night" from Jonathan Fritzen
September 19, 2011

"Friday NIght" from Jonathan Fritzen is up to # 5 on the Billboard Chart this week! The great tune continues to soar on all the charts!
Michael J. Thomas releases "I Think About Amy"
August 22, 2011

Everyone probably knows a person who has touched their life in some wonderful, yet indescribable fashion. Most often, this person is someone whom we greatly respect and admire. A person of conviction, of warmth, of inspiration.and true beauty in every respect. Well....you see....there is this girl named Amyand this song is about her.

Our maxi-single, written and performed by saxophonist (and vocalist) Michael J. Thomas blends the best elements of contemporary jazz and R&B with sweet popular flavorings to produce an unforgettable melody that tells a heartfelt story. On the vocal track, Michael tells the story with words and the instrumental track features Michael singing through his Yamaha Custom Z alto saxophone.

We hope you enjoy.and maybejust perhaps.think about your Amy!

Michael J. Thomas Vocals and Alto Saxophone

Andre Forbes - Keyboards, bass & drum programming, synthesizers

Composed by Michael J. Thomas
Produced by Michael J. Thomas and Andre Forbes
Executive Producers Mark C. Nordman and Michael J. Thomas
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Coleman at Coleman Studios, Navarre, FL
Mastered by Paul Brown at Funky Joint Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Friday Night" by Jonathan Fritzen
June 29, 2011

"Friday NIght," the new single by Jonathan Fritzen was the most added song on all of smooth jazz radio the first week of release! This smokin' tune showcases Jonathan's amazing talent and further cements his arrival as the rising star of contemporary jazz! We're proud of our association with Jonathan and look forward to continuing our relationship.
Woodward Avenue Records signs Michael J. Thomas
May 31, 2011

We are pleased to announce the signing of saxophonist and composer, Michael J. Thomas, to a new maxi-single project scheduled for release in early August, 2011. This song will also be Michael's vocal debut.....it is such a personal project that we didn't want anyone else to sing it but him!
"Friday Night" Featuring Jonathan Fritzen to be released in June!
May 26, 2011

Friday Night is a brand new single project by Swedish/ American composer and piano player, Jonathan Fritzen, specifically written and recorded for Woodward Avenue Records. A new-aged tune with a great melody and a definitive old-school piano jam, Fritzen brings it all. The result is a truly groovin and foot tappin track in every respect. Under the hood of Friday Night are some of the best musicians anywhere, just having fun together and laying down a great groove for Fritzens blazing piano. Mixed to perfection by Darren Rahnits Friday Night.turn it up and enjoy!

Woodward Avenue Records signs Jonathan Fritzen
April 18, 2011

Woodward Avenue records is pleased to announce the signing of Jonathan Fritzen, chart-toppping piano player from Sweden, for a single project which will be released to national radio early this summer. Fritzen will also serve as composer and producer for this exciting venture.
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